About Us

Chef Brad grew up near Baton Rouge, Louisiana (Who Dat!) before attending Scottsdale Culinary Institute in Arizona where he earned a dual degree in Culinary Arts and Business Management. From there he traveled the country and opened and managed multiple high end sports bars as an Executive Chef, where he specialized in pairing food with wine, cocktails, and beer. After meeting his wife, Samantha, her job brought them to Raleigh, NC in 2016, and the rest is happening now! Brad fell in love with the food truck scene in Raleigh, and his love for beer made owning a food truck that pairs perfectly with beer a no- brainer!

Samantha (Chef's Wife) works in Clinical Research by day and #foodtrucklife the rest of the time :). She grew up in Wyoming and Pennsylvania, attended Penn State (We Are!) and eventually moved back to Pittsburgh where she met Brad. 

Last but not least, Brad and Samantha have two dogs, a Lhasa Poo named Cloud, and a Golden Doodle named Andouille. They both love car rides, treats, and hanging out at breweries whenever their parents are off work :)

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